Holding On and Letting Go, in between cloth and paper

Earlier this year I worked on a new series of one-off prints and collages. I’ve written something below on how they come about.

I originally trained in Fine Art and much later did a textiles MA at the Royal College of Art so I approach interiors and making in an eclectic manner and I am continuously moving between paper and cloth, making artworks and functional products.  Drawing on paper as a very young child, likely came before making with cloth; although it was so soon after those first scribbles that I spent time with my grandmother Noona, making assorted felt things and dolls clothes with J Cloths, that I remember the two processes as something my hands have always done. Much later at art school, whilst studying painting, l learned to screen print on paper. Therefore my work with textiles has always existed alongside drawing and other related paper activities like cutting, folding, printing and sticking. 

For a while now I have been collecting the paper offset prints I take from ink saturated forms I have printed on cloth. I go back to these papers, like imprints or memories of the cloth panels, and I use them to create new images and forms. These paper based pieces aren’t preparatory, or sketchy and there is no hierarchy for me, I see the paper collages and prints running parallel to the textiles I make. I feel that the processes inform one another but its hard to pin down. The offset textures are a record where memory and marks go on to become a part of something else. The papers form compositional starting points. And so in the resulting works, reside the ghosts of the cloths surface and structure, alongside abstracted (sometimes figurative) images of rooms, furniture and objects. 

From these paper explorations I return to fabric and after a while back to paper. There is a push and a pull, always a process of holding on and letting go, where the qualities of each material create resistance or a yielding.
Maxine Sutton MA RCA. 2017

View and purchase available works on paper here



On The Other Hand – Summer Showcase


On The Other Hand is a summer show of new textile wall pieces and works on paper, alongside ceramics from Ken Eardley and jewellery from Rachel Darbourne.

Our usual limited edition collections of  handmade light shades, small accessories + vintage lamps and turned wooden bases from Nick Hammond, also available – so it would be lovely to see you in Margate soon!

This summer is the 6th anniversary of my studio & shop opening in Margate Old Town. From starting as Blackbird downstairs in the shop in the summer of 2010, the space and work has continued to evolve. Early this year I set out to re-examine my practice as an artist/maker – to pause for a short while to consider the journey. From my early fine art training as a painter, through working as a designer, doing a PGCE, teaching and raising a family. Then two intense years at the RCA, and shortly afterwards leaving London for the coast. And now to building and sustaining a contemporary practice based in Margate, since 2008.

This new work is in many ways a returning to earlier times and places, as well as the start of bringing these experiences and skills together.