My work is a meeting point, between early creative experiences with textiles in my childhood, and my formal art education in Fine Art / Painting. Textile exists as both form and content in my work. After a first degree in Fine Art Painting, I later reconnected with my affinity for cloth, and studied for an MA in Constructed Textiles at the Royal College of Art.

Recent work can be characterised by the combination of screen printing with embroidery, appliqué and other needlework processes. I work with found, recycled and organic fabrics, and also make works on paper, often experimenting with taking imprints of ink saturated forms from the cloth during the screen printing process.

I coax and wrestle abstract constructions and stories from the materials I collect, during which, conversations are played out between the dualities of cloth and paper, art and craft, ‘picture’ and pattern, wet and dry, playful and anxious.

Through a layered process, often working with scraps and leftovers, my work explores the uncertainty, disarray, and fragmentation of our existence, together with a compulsion to reconstitute and reclaim.

Drawing is the foundation of my formal art training and so whether with pencil, brush, thread or scissors, drawing continues as a framework. An obsession with colour, moving in and out of shape, also underpins my process.

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