Cloth is a carrier of meaning and since my earliest memory has informed my relationship with the world and my place in it. My work expresses an affinity for textile materials. I stay with them to honour and draw attention back to what we have undervalued, wasted, and cared less about. 

Textile exists as both form and content in the work. Themes are recurring and loop back and through each other : Ecology and the environment, women’s stories, where we belong and what home is, what we grow and save, scraps and leftovers. Pattern, decoration and fragmentation as form.

Abstraction is where the materials take me when I try to make sense of things that resist my understanding. I make these connections with drawing and stitching, with ink and colour and threads. Forms emerge and I keep making, and the making becomes the meaning, a way of noticing, communicating and caring.

© Maxine Sutton 2023