" I might in the course of time learn what it is that one can make of this loose, drifting material of life; "

Virginia Woolf


My work is a process of call and response. Also a kind of filtering system, (though not a very systematic system), for arranging and distilling the overwhelm of visual and emotional information. A sifting through the amount of ‘stuff’ there is to process; choices, information, and amounts of physical material. I am drawn to the intimate experience of handling and transforming materials and through this process engage with the world and reach outwards. Colour relationships are an important aspect of my formal explorations with abstraction, and abstraction connects me to what cannot be expressed otherwise. A language of shapes, edges, and lines attempt to describe day to day experiences of being in the world; in spaces with objects, and others. Each new fabric, texture, technique adds layers – social and political history and personal memory. In many ways it’s too much, but I am connected to textiles from my earliest memories and I love the feeling in my hands, the ‘handle’ of cloth.

I currently make work from home, in a garage by the sea in Kent, UK.