'Abstract art is only important if it is the endless rhythm where the very ancient and the distant future meet."

Sonia Delaunay

My work is a kind of filtering, an organising system (though not a very systematic system) for visual and emotional information. It is a makers approach to sifting through the amount of stuff there is to process; the amount of choices, the amount of information – and the amount of physical material. A way to capture and bind the bits of fragmentation. Sometimes there may be narrative, because thats a way through, assimilating the visual and material world with bits of story, objects or figures. To make a mark, make sense and reach outwards. Threads repair, connect and join. Cloth wraps, covers encases, softens, strengthens and warms us. Each new fabric, texture, textile technique adds layers – social and political history and personal memory. In many ways it’s too much – but I am connected to textiles from my earliest memories and I love the feeling in my hands, the ‘handle’ of cloth.

M. Sutton MA RCA