“...the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”


I am interested in domestic spaces. Living with art in our homes adds layers and texture to our dreaming and has the power to elevate the everyday. Out of the studio or white gallery space, amongst personal objects and belongings, the artwork is transformed by the relationship with its surroundings, and by the curiosity and dreams that a viewer brings to the work’s presence.

My work expresses my curiosity and a compulsion to make. I work with textile and on paper, using predominantly screen printing, embroidery and traditional sewing techniques, to explore the formal qualities of abstraction in relation to materials and the everyday.

My practice has developed out of an academic art education in painting, drawing and printmaking, and much earlier childhood experiences with traditional needlework, textiles and home sewing. Eschewing disciplinary hierarchies I work to develop a visual language that wrestles with the relatedness of body and touch to our lived experience. I am interested in our relationship to materials, home and domestic rituals. Always in process, the work I make attempts to bring form to wordless experiences of being in the world, and hopes to resonate with material memories of texture, colour and pattern.

M. Sutton MA RCA