Making work to commission is an honour and a commitment, as such I accept a limited amount of commissions each year. If you are considering purchasing a piece of my textile work and would like to work with me, to realise a more personal vision by commissioning a piece, then please read about the process below. If you decide to go ahead with a commission then please email to discuss your thoughts and requirements. Below is an outline of the process for commissioning an artwork.

Also, please do email if you wish to discuss other kinds of projects and types of commissions, including; work on paper /interiors /upholstery and textiles for commercial & public spaces.

TEXTILE  ARTWORKS – process and details

My textile works are screen and mono printed, appliquéd and embroidered. I use natural fibres, such as linens, cotton, wool with found fabrics, sustainable materials with water based eco inks. You will be sent material swatches before I start work on the finished piece. Works can be displayed free hanging from a timber batten or stretched over a frame like a painted canvas would be, or framed behind glass, We will discuss the pros and cons and what will work best for your needs and for the piece.

The process can begin with a telephone discussion, or studio visit or we can communicate via email. Through discussion and consultation I will begin to form a picture of what you are envisioning. From these initial exchanges I then mix colour and make collages and swatch compositions which I send  in the post. This is for you to have a direct response to materials and colours and you can also see the stitch appliqué and print quality close up. From these steps we together form a brief for the final piece. Any colour discussions take place around the senses, sometimes memory and emotional responses, rather than matching the piece to your carpets or soft furnishings.


Pieces made to commission by me are entirely exclusive and one off. Artworks made to commission will never be reproduced or reproductions offered for sale or for profit in another context or space. Whilst I automatically retain the copyright of any works I make, you as the collector have exclusive rights to display the work in any space you choose. I may share images of commissioned work on social media accounts and my website but will never share your name or personal details as the collector. Commissioned works have their own personal history, created in part by you as the owners and collectors. It is always my wish that commissioned work will be valued and treasured as a unique piece for an individual, families and future generations.


Commission pricing for textile works starts at £1200 ( + an initial £300 reservation deposit ) for an artwork with dimensions up to: 60cm x 80cm. Fees then increase incrementally based on size, ie: a 120cm x 150cm commissioned artwork, would typically cost £2300 (+ £300 deposit)

The £300 deposit payment enables me to plan and make provision for my studio time. It will cover the planning, sketches, sampling and initial consultation for your commission including any studio visit and colour mixing before I start to make the piece. 

Larger sizes and varying proportions are available, and works on paper can also be made to commission – please email me to discuss.

Payments are staged as:

1. £300 deposit

2. After consultation and development of brief the initial invoice of 50% of the total will be due before I start work on the piece

3. Final invoice is the 50% balance due on completion of the work.

Payment in full is due before delivery of the finished work.

Prices do not include significant alterations or amendments to the finished work.


Framing and delivery is not included in the price structure outlined below. We can discuss framing and finishing and I can arrange this for you or advise.

Delivery will be calculated depending on your location and added to the final invoice.